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In addition to the daily challenge of improving one's own balance sheet through higher sales and earnings, today it is all about distinguishing oneself from the competition.

What brings my customers this extra emotional moment?

We are looking for new events that can do what we want to offer: fascination.

We experience this every day. People are approaching our high-tech scanners.

The bright light from hundreds of small light sources underlines the futuristic appearance of the scanner. After the first guess, that the object is a Teleporter from Star-Trek, the reconnaissance takes place.

90 simultaneously triggering cameras photograph from all angles of a circle. From these photos, a 3D model is created by means of a software process. This model is formed into a printable file in the process of 3D-cleaning, by 3D artists.

The result is the photo of the 21st century. Either a stunning life-like 3D figure, or a digital reminder as an avatar in an augmented reality (AR) environment for the phone or computer.

Now you and your company come into play.

It has never been easier to bring joy and fascination to your customers.

You place the scanner in a suitable position. One of your trained staff takes over the presentation and the actual scanning process. From here, our fulfillment service takes over the further process right through to the direct dispatch of the figurine to the customer.

After a short time, your customer receives his personal memory of this wonderful time with your company delivered to his front door.

Fascination guaranteed.

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