Integrated 3D Software Solutions

3D Fascination Scan

User-friendly booth operation interface

3D Fascination Automate

Instant generation of 3D preview image and raw 3D models

3D Fascination View & Share

Augmented Reality viewing and social media sharing

3D Fascination Web & Shop

Branded homepage, PoS and web shop set-up and hosting

3D Fascination Fulfill (Beta)

Monitor and control the fulfillment (cleaning/printing) process

3D Fascination Scan

User-friendly 3D Scanner operation interface

A desktop and mobile friendly interface makes it simple for the operator to control and monitor the scanning process.

  • Easy to use software controls the hardware and monitors the system
  • Various scan options to ensure the perfect 3D image - Control scenes, surface, projection control, camera settings, and download settings
  • Powerful search module for previously scanned customers and auto-suggestions for faster user registration
  • Integration with pre-registration module to manage lines in high volume environments like events
  • Point of Sale to quickly capture 3D orders
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones/tablets

3D Fascination Automate

Fully automated photogrammetry software provides instant generation of 3D previews and raw 3D models

  • Process scans in background without any user interaction
  • Generate 3D preview and raw 3D models on-site without the need to upload Gigabytes of photos to a cloud
  • Powered by market-leading photogrammetry engine
  • Full photogrammetry process control (3D model mesh, texture qualities, and other settings)
  • View 3D previews on local display separate from the booth control software
  • Upon order, transfer raw models automatically to 3D artists for cleaning and further processing

3D Fascination View

3D Fascination View is a light-weight 3D viewer

  • Easily integrated to any web site
  • Professionally present your 3D preview images and final 3D models
  • Augmented reality and animated GIF support for more interactive experience

3D Fascination Share

Enables social sharing of 3D models

  • E-Mail (including animated GIF and video)
  • Web and Sketchfab (GLB)
  • Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media platforms
  • Example of 3D model in real world environment with Augmented Reality!!!

Integrated Model viewer

Email sample

Animated GIF sample

3D Fascination Web and Shop

E-commerce solution

Boost your sales with an integrated, powerful shop solution powered by Shopify - trusted by millions of users.

  • Homepage and Online Shop creation, branding, administration and hosting
  • Initial support and training
  • Powered by market-leading photogrammetry engine
  • Seamless integration to 3D Fascination Scan, Automate, View and Share software solutions
  • Automatic order creation, tracking, and fulfillment via administrative interface
  • Supports various payment methods (credit card/PayPal/cash)
  • POS (point-of-sale) integration for on-site sales
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly analytics, rich reports and live view
  • Integrated with all major shipping services
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